Celina Avalos, Student, Public Policy Fellow and UN Women-USNC LA Intern

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Celina Avalos is a native of Mecca, California and is currently a Senior at UCLA majoring in Political Science. Celina currently serves as a Public Policy Fellow at UCLA’s Latino Policy & Politics Initiative. In her capacity as a Public Policy Fellow, Celina assists on empirical research and policy analysis conducted by UCLA Latino faculty supports LPPI through legislative and policy research and disseminates scholarly research into infographics, user-friendly content and reports to reach a variety of stakeholders. 

Celina’s passion for serving underrepresented communities like her own has allowed her to become an advocate, student, but above all, a doer. Throughout her life, Celina has seen the lack of voter education and an increase in voter apathy across both of her communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley and at UCLA. Witnessing first-hand these disparities, Celina joined local campaigns, organized, and registered people to vote. At UCLA, Celina currently serves as a Director for the BruinsVOTE! Coalition aiming to not only register Bruins to vote, but also ensuring that they turn out to vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections. 

Aside from her work at UCLA, Celina also serves as an Intern for UN Women-USNC L.A. where she advocates for women’s rights across the LA area working on campaigns to promote gender equality, an end to violence against women, and advocating for a safer community for all women. As an immigrant, a first-gen, low-income Latina, Celina has worked tirelessly to make sure the voices of marginalized communities are heard. 

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